Interest Rate Disclosure

We are pleased to offer interest rates from 14% per annum, however, the specific rate that we can offer you will depend on the details of your application. The rate is affected by factors such as the security that is available for your loan.

Nova is also pleased to offer Lifestyle Protection Insurance, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your loan payments are covered. This insurance is optional, however, we recommend it for added security in case the unexpected happens.

If your procedure falls under a specialty that is not currently listed on the website, and there is no Nova affiliated medical professional that could perform the procedure, Nova, at its discretion, will consider offering the discounted interest rates above.

The one -off documentation fee for loans is usually $445 and is included in your monthly payments. This does not need to be paid upfront. An administration fee may be charged by Nova and included in your loan on finalisation of your loan to cover the cost of credit checks, register searches and other reasonable administration costs.

Applying through Nova Medical Finance Limited is free and you are under no obligation to finalise your loan after it has been approved.

Rates and fee sare subject to change without notice.

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