Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch if your question is not answered here, or if you would like more information.

What are your interest rates?

Our current interest rates range from 11.9% - 16.9% per annum, however, the specific rate that we can offer you will depend on the details of your application. The rate is affected by factors such as the security that is available for your loan. Your interest rate is fixed for the life of your loan. 

Nova Medical Finance Limited offers some of the most competitive personal rates available. 

Cost 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
$3,000.00 $308.31 $173.28 $127.04 - -
$4,000.00 $403.56 $225.68 $166.51 - -
$5,000.00 $498.82 $278.07 $201.05 - -
$6,000.00 $594.08 $330.46 $240.52 $194.51 -
$8,000.00 $784.59 $435.24 $319.45 $255.26 -
$10,000.00 $975.10 $540.02 $393.46 $321.34 $277.64
$12,000.00 $1,165.62 $644.80 $472.40 $382.09 $330.81
$15,000.00 $1,448.83 $801.97 $585.87 $475.88 $407.64
$20,000.00 $1,925.11 $1,067.94 $778.29 $630.42 $543.50
$25,000.00 $2,398.84 $1,329.89 $970.70 $784.96 $679.37
  • Repayments above are just an estimate, based on the interest rate of 15.75% p.a., documentation fee of $450 and include optional Credit Contract Insurance. The interest rate offered to you may vary.
  • Rates and fees are subject to change without notice
  • All approvals are subject to normal lending criteria

Do I have to proceed with finance if I apply?

Absolutely not. We’ll get back to you and let you know the outcome of your application and then it is completely up to you whether you wish to proceed.

What is the Applicant 2 section on your application form for?

If you have a partner and have shared expenses such as mortgage or rent payments, or joint loans, then it’s best to include your partner’s details in this section. This way we can assess the application using both your incomes to offset the joint expenses.

Do I need to see a doctor or book surgery before applying?

No. If you have an indication of price then you’re welcome to apply for this amount prior to seeing a doctor. It is good to see a doctor before we disburse the funds, however, as you may not be a suitable candidate for a procedure. One popular option is to apply and receive a pre-approval before seeing a doctor, and then wait until after the initial consultation to draw down the funds.

Do I have to go to the doctors listed on your website?

No. We refer clients to our affiliated practices because we believe that the doctors who are affiliated with Nova are the best in the country. It can be very difficult for members of the public to be certain that their doctor has the correct qualifications and experience. We help provide this peace of mind and can assure our clients that the doctors on the Nova website are some of the most highly trained and highly respected specialists in New Zealand.

Are your affiliated doctors independent of Nova?

Yes. Nova does not receive any payment for featuring doctors in our directory. Nova affiliated doctors are featured because they are experts and have the appropriate qualifications. Nova does not make any payments to practices - affiliated practices recommend Nova's services so that more patients can access medical procedures. Practices will not be advised that you have financed your procedure and all information is kept strictly between you and Nova.